Blood circulation of the horses: our secret

The horse’s blood circulation is a very important aspect of his health and overall well-being.

Efficient blood circulation is a very important factor for numerous beneficial effects on the horse’s health and physical condition.

Let’s find out together.

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The Benefits of Good Blood Circulation in the Horse

As anticipated, the benefits of good blood circulation in the horse are many.

Good blood vascularity can contribute to the proper functioning of muscle tissue, obviously promoting excellent mobility. The increased temperature of the muscles, in fact, makes them more elastic and significantly decreases the risk of injury.

In many cases, then, increasing the horse’s blood circulation is necessary to promote healing from many injuries and injuries of various kinds.

Optimal circulation causes more oxygen to enter the body. As a result, the risk of acidosis drops significantly while maintaining the aerobic phase of muscle activity.

In addition, for horses engaged in intense or light activity, in the recovery phase, good vascularization reducesstasis edema by also stimulating lymphatic circulation, which we will see in one of the next sections.

For these reasons and more, we want to reveal our secret for horse lovers:

The Portable Physiotherapist for Horses – Equissage

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Equissage and its cycloidal vibration therapy, NHC

Equissage is a device made by Niagara, a British company founded in 1965.

The Equissage system is used by top horse trainers, therapists and riders in every discipline.

Clinical studies have shown, precisely, that the NHC cycloidal vibration improves blood flow in a major way without any side effects.

How does Equissage improve the horse’s blood circulation?

Noninvasive NHC treatment stimulates the process called mechano-transduction, in which cells convert mechanical energy into chemical activity.

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The effect reaches directly to the blood vessels, which are stimulated to release nitric oxide, a natural smooth muscle relaxant.

Nitric oxide relaxes the smooth muscle walls of blood vessels, increasing the diameter and size of veins and arteries, dilating them and increasing blood flow in the treated areas.

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Benefits on the lymphatic system

Ninety percent of a horse’s body fluid is circulated by blood vessels and the remaining 10 percent by the lymphatic system, which is not to be underestimated at all.

Lymph nodes are vital in the removal of excess fluid and edema, as they also remove larger particulate material, such as proteins, microphages and other metabolic waste materials that are difficult to remove from the blood circulatory system.

Cycloidal vibration therapy stimulates lymphatic flow, as can be seen in the image shown.

Lymphatic circulation of the horse before-after equissage harrison horsecare

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