For the welfare of the horse, the Haygain routine.

The Haygain routine consists of the innovative, state-of-the-art trio designed for your horse’s health and well-being, in and out of the stable!




The combination of modern science and natural habits inspired the Haygain routine-a proactive approach to managing the modern horse that takes into account all aspects of his health, well-being, and performance, without resorting to drugs or invasive treatments.

horse welfare

What do we mean by “horse welfare”?

To experience “well-being,” the horse must be in a state of physical and mental health that allows it to live in harmony with its surroundings.

Thanks to the innovation of the horsecare industry, the concept of welfare is being studied and constantly changing; in fact, nowadays, multiple aspects such as species, age, mental and physical health, breed and training level are considered. If the desired sporting results are to be achieved in any discipline and at any level, proper management and welfare of the horse must be a fundamental prerogative for any owner.

The horse is a being of extraordinary intelligence that has accompanied and improved human life since ancient times. Whether companion or performance, the horse must be respected and protected, and a relationship must be cultivated that allows it to learn and interact with its environment.

The elements for the welfare of the horse

The three basic elements to ensure the proper management and welfare of the modern horse are: Training, Feeding and Transportation.

Training is the element that makes for an important and lasting bond with humans. If performed correctly, the benefits are assured; on the contrary, if the owner does not put the horse’s psychophysical needs first, the risk is to compromise this delicate balance forever.

Feeding should be strictly tailored to the horse’s needs; based on its needs and health status, it should be provided in adequate rations and several times a day, and always accompanied by plenty of water. The horse is a herbivore, but today’s feeds also contain hay, grains and nutritional supplements. For proper management, the owner (along with the veterinarian) must know the proper balance to be administered to avoid dangerous diseases.

Horses, especially performance horses, are subject to frequent transportation, and, as a result, to various stressful moments that could compromise their temperament and well-being. Each transfer should be carefully followed, and the horse should be checked frequently during these, especially to avoid the risk of dehydration.

Also, let’s not forget that the horse in nature lives in herds and loves to be social! For his well-being, it is important, whenever possible, for him to be in contact with other horses.

Haygain Hay Steamer Technology

What does your horse breathe? Haygain hay steamers for its safety.

Haygain steamers purify hay with high-temperature steam-a patented technology scientifically tested to remove 99 percent of dust, mold, bacteria, fungal spores, and other allergens commonly found in hay and hay-silo, even the best quality hay.

A range of Steamers suitable for every need, robust and environmentally friendly, designed to prevent the onset of dangerous and irreversible respiratory diseases and manage the welfare of the leisure and performance horse, both in the box and on the move.

More natural feeding: the Forager slow-feeder.

Forager is a “slow-feeding” feeder that allows the horse to eat in a natural grazing position, regulating the pace at which it eats without causing frustration or stress in the box. Easy to mount and equipped with two adjusters to habituate the horse, Forager helps manage and maintain your horse’s weight, dramatically reducing the risk of ulcers, colic and stable vices. Thanks to Forager, the hay stays clean and away from the floor and bedding for a healthy and hygienic environment.

haygain forager slowfeeder
comfortstall clogs health

Horse health: the Comfortstall orthopedic flooring

A veterinarian-approved, superior technology orthopedic flooring made with unique precision foam and a waterproof, durable, soft and super strong IronClad cover. Perfected in collaboration with Cornell University Veterinary Hospital, ComfortStall is ideal for post-operative recovery, welfare of foals, broodmares and veterans. Unlike traditional stable mats, ComfortStall flooring is sealed to the stall walls through HDPE anchor strips, blocking the accumulation and infiltration of urine, and, consequently, ammonia. ComfortStall has a warranty of more than six years, and is installed by professional riders, horse owners and equine veterinary clinics around the world

Why are Haygain products so special?

Haygain hay steamers

  • The Haygain hay steamer is the result of more than 10 years of research and development, and still remains the only purifier on the market scientifically proven to eliminate 99% of pathogens and allergens in hay.
  • The patented steam collector technology is unique, designed in collaboration with the Royal Agricultural University in the United Kingdom.
  • The double-layer insulated container allows temperatures above 100°C to be reached in all seasons, regardless of the outside temperature.
  • Respiratory Wellness
    haygain 2000 purificatore fieno shop harrison horse care


    Haygain 2000

    Stable and Paddock Steamers

  • Respiratory Wellness
    haygain 600


    Haygain 600

    Stable and Paddock Steamers

  • Respiratory Wellness
    haygain one harrison horse care cover


    Haygain One

    Stable and Paddock Steamers


Haygain Forager

  • Forager is equipped with two interchangeable adjustment grids that allow a choice of two levels of difficulty to adapt and facilitate the horse’s feeding.
  • Forager has a unique steel outer ring that allows the adjuster to move downward as the horse eats. This design prevents horses from bypassing, tipping over or damaging the regulator to reach the hay.
  • Forager’s sides are sturdy, specially designed to let in light and air. This creates an inviting space for horses to put their heads in, while also circulating air through the hay, keeping it cool.
  • Gastric and Intestinal Wellness
    haygain forager horse feeder cover


    Haygain Forager

    Feeders Stable and Paddock

  • General Wellness


    ComfortStall – Stall Flooring for Horses

    Stable and Paddock Stall flooring

Haygain ComfortStall

  • This is not an ordinary box floor. ComfortStall was designed and approved in collaboration with Cornell University, in the
  • The patented, “sprung” orthopedic foam is made of chemically cross-linked, laminated polyethylene medical padding to ensure structural integrity.
  • The IronClad TopCover is extremely durable and waterproof, consisting of 5 layers of vulcanized rubber free of The flooring is completely sealed thanks to the anchor strips attached to the box wall.

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