Giulia Martinengo Marquet & Harrison Horse Care for the welfare of sport horses

We are pleased to announce that Harrison Horse Care has entered into a partnership with a star of the equestrian world: international horsewoman Giulia Martinengo Marquet.

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Giulia Martinengo Marquet: the champion and her love for horses

Giulia is a chosen amazon of the Italian Air Force and a great show jumping champion. He stars in major national and international show jumping competitions and has mounted in the most important competition fields on the equestrian calendar.

It is a source of great pride for us that such a high-level professional show jumping amazon chose us and uses our products, appreciating their benefits on her horses on a daily basis. Its fame and prestige form a perfect combination with the great quality of our products. We enthusiastically welcomed this collaboration so that we could also show the health, performance and welfare benefits of horses to the eyes of the equestrian sports elite.

Harrison Horse Care products at SGH Stables

Forager: the slow-feeding feeder

In the paddocks and stables at SGH Stables, Forager, the ideal slow-feeding feeder for all horses, is used. Forager gives Giulia the peace of mind to let her sport horses feed while in the paddock or stall. Through slow-feeding, thus feeding in a continuous and balanced manner, various digestive problems are avoided for horses and boredom is reduced.

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giulia martinengo haygain 2000 harrison horsecare

Haygain hay purifier

Julia and her staff set out to preserve the health of their horses and prevent or resolve respiratory inflammation and allergies that can greatly affect performance. For this very reason they use the Haygain 2000 hay purifier. This machinery ensures quality Steamed hay for the horses in his stable. In addition to prevention against respiratory problems and allergies caused by the dust in the hay, the purifier provides the utmost care in terms of hydration. In fact, the Steamed hay is softer and more moisturized. This combination of prevention and cure ensures a long-fiber diet, which is necessary for the horse’s digestive system, without interrupting the use of hay from one’s stable. Haygain makes it possible to improve perfomances starting from the quality raw materials in the stable by enhancing their properties.

Comfortstall: the orthopedic flooring

Giulia decided to “gift” ComfortStall orthopedic flooring to one of her horses.

A valuable gift to enable his champion to rest better and recover after his activities more effectively. The flooring has a valuable preventive effect on various orthopedic problems of horses, without neglecting the great benefits in terms of hygiene and cleanliness of the box by composing two overlapping layers that are watertight and without the possibility of infiltration as in “jigsaw” installations. Giulia and her team are also studying the product from an investment perspective for the entire stable because it allows for significant chip and management savings.

giulia martinengo comfortstall harrison horsecare

Thank you Julia and thank you SGH Stables for your trust in us and our products!

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