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We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers who plan to purchase a Haygain hay steamer – we share them with you!

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Why do I need to Shop Now Haygain if I can soak hay?

Soaking moistens respirable particles by 90%, but at the same time increases bacterial growth by 150% in just 10 minutes. In addition to eliminating respirable particles, the steam reduces bacteria by 99%. Steam purification also significantly increases the palatability of hay. Your horse will thank you!

My horse doesn’t cough – I don’t need Haygain

It may be – just as it may be that you may not see him coughing. A cough is the only obvious symptom of a respiratory problem, but it is not decisive; a horse can suffer from respiratory problems (such as RAO) regardless of a cough. Consult with your veterinarian!

Does Haygain consume a lot of water?

The HG 2000 and 6000 models use about 4.5L of water per cycle. One part is absorbed by the hay, another is released as steam when the lid is opened, and the last, the so-called “residue” (the equivalent of a cup of tea), drains from the drain hole in the bottom of the hay box. The result? steamed hay absorbs water and hydrates, returning to its original moisture content without being soggy or heavy.

How long does it take Haygain to purify the hay?

All Haygains take a minimum of 50-60 minutes to purify the hay. This timing varies depending on hay density, air and water temperature.

Haygain purifier frequently asked questions

Haygain’s outside warm up?

No. The entire HAYGAIN range is made of composite materials with high-efficiency thermal properties. Although the inside of the container may exceed 100°C, the outside remains warm to the touch. Therefore, HAYGAIN hay steamers are environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

American riders are gaining ground rapidly: Along with Georgina, other members of Haygain’s “steam team” are Beezie Madden, McLain Ward, Margie Engle and Jessica Springsteen, to name a few.

Once the hay is steamed, how long should I wait to feed it to my horse?

Hay is very hot as soon as it is taken out and must be handled with care, but it cools very quickly once exposed to air, and can be administered immediately. It is best to offer it to the horse when it is hot and steamy (most horses prefer it that way!). The remaining portion must be used within the next 24 hours.

American riders are gaining ground rapidly: Along with Georgina, other members of Haygain’s “steam team” are Beezie Madden, McLain Ward, Margie Engle and Jessica Springsteen, to name a few.

Will my horse stop coughing?

Although results can often be seen within the first few days of using HAYGAIN, it all depends on the individual horse, the cause of the cough, and other environmental factors. If, for example, a horse switched to steamed hay continues to live in a stall with a dusty straw bed, the improvements will not be as noticeable.

American riders are gaining ground rapidly: Along with Georgina, other members of Haygain’s “steam team” are Beezie Madden, McLain Ward, Margie Engle and Jessica Springsteen, to name a few.

Will my horse like steamed hay?

The numerous tests conducted by Haygain (and by us) have shown that horses prefer steamed hay over dry or soaked hay.

Haygain steamer frequently asked questions

My horse suffers from laminitis: can he use Haygain?

Of course! Steamed hay can be fed to any horse or pony. For a laminitic animal, the ideal hay is characterized by a sugar content (WSC) of less than 10 percent. If hay has a higher value, a standard 50-minute steam cycle slightly reduces WSC but, as with soaking, this reduction is highly variable (18 percent on average). To further reduce WSC, the latest research suggests a 9-hour soak followed by a 50-minute steam purification.

The dust in my hay is dictated by the box. What can I do?

Try to use dust-free bedding, and ensure at least 5 air changes per hour.
Remove all cobwebs and ensure that hay is carefully stored in a separate building. Or install the ComfortStall flooring system!

I use hay-silo, I don’t need Haygain

Wrong! Hay-silo can also contain significant levels of dust, mold and pollen. Haygain’s vapor will eliminate all fungal spores and respirable particles.

What is the advantage of feeding steamed hay instead of hay-silo?

Hay-silo can be rich in sugar. In addition, acidity levels make it unsuitable for horses with equine gastric ulcer syndrome.

Haygain purifier frequently asked questions

My horse is affected by COPD/RAO/IAD. Can I administer the steamed hay with HAYGAIN?

Of course! Respiratory diseases can be managed by minimizing respirable dust, mold spores, and bacteria in the horse’s environment. Because hay contains high concentrations of it, and the horse’s nose is close to it as it eats, it is vital to purify hay by steam to prevent and reduce respiratory diseases.

I have an insulin-resistant horse. Can Haygain help me eliminate the soaking procedure to reduce carbohydrate levels?

As with soaking, sugar loss during steaming varies depending on the percentage of sugar in the hay. For an insulin-resistant horse, recent scientific publications recommend 9h of soaking followed by a 60-minute steaming cycle. Steaming at this stage is essential to neutralize the large amount of bacteria that proliferate during soaking.

I do not need Haygain, I can vaporize hay through do-it-yourself procedures.

Nothing could be more wrong! scientific research (available at haygain.com) has shown that to successfully eliminate dust, mold and bacteria, the purification appliance MUST have an insulated double chest; a simple bin does not insulate the vapor, which as it is lost through the walls does not diffuse evenly. The result? a bin incubator of pathogenic bacteria, mold, and fungi, and a lot of wasted time. SOLO Haygain features a patented steam distribution system through a five-pronged manifold that purifies the hay evenly, reaching a temperature of 100 C° in as little as 60 minutes.

Does Haygain consume so much electricity?

Operating costs are minimal! HG2000 and HG600 consume only 2.75 kW of electricity per hour, while HG-ONE consumes 1.5 kW. Electricity costs vary depending on the provider, but are generally between €0.08 and €0.21/kWh. For example, if an HG2000 is used and the electricity rate is 10 cents/kWh, the cost will be 0.275 euro/kWh.

Does the water heater need maintenance?

Yes, the boiler should be descaled every 6-8 weeks, depending on the hardness of the water. If you empty the water in the water heater regularly, you can monitor the presence of a milky patina, a clear sign of the presence of limescale.

Haygain steamer frequently asked questions
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