Letizia Harrison talks about herself: from her passion for horses to the birth of Harrison Horse Care

Often the love of horses leads to making somewhat crazy choices, and Letizia Harrison, founder of Harrison Horsecare, knows a thing or two about that!

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Harrison Horsecare was born out of our love for horses and the sense of gratitude we feel for their existence. Several years ago, during a dark period in my life due to a bad illness, my husband and father gave me two beautiful Hafflinger foals, Lightning and Spirit.

Thanks to them my recovery was easier and faster; There are no words to describe the help, love and empathy horses are capable of. Together with my husband Keith, we have passed this love on to our children Edward and Emily, who from an early age have developed a wonderful bond with Lightning and Spirit, now an integral part of our family.

“Unfortunately, Spirit has always been prone to laminitis. We lived in England, in Cambridgeshire, and the green English meadows didn’t help; I had to be very careful about his feeding and management once he was out of the box.”

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On the vet’s advice, I began using Dengie forages: their combination of fiber and alfalfa and low sugar and starch content helped improve Spirit’s health, but years later he became ill again, this time with a respiratory problem. Despite a thousand treatments and cares, Spirit got worse and worse: he was literally “stuffed” with drugs, and I was desperate. Seeing him in pain and gasping for breath was a great hardship for everyone, and I wanted to help him just as he had helped me in the past.

“While surfing the Internet, my husband discovered Haygain; we immediately purchased it in an effort to find a solution to his problem, and the results impressed us. To my immense joy, within a few days Spirit was breathing freely, and in a short time he regained his full physical fitness.”

Four years later, here we are: happy to be part of a community that wants only the best for its horses, and has been relying on us for years to guide them in choosing the best products on the market. Our spirit has not changed, we continue to work driven by endless love and gratitude for these wonderful animals: horses, our family.

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