The highest paid foal of 2022 is bred on Saracen Horse Feeds

The highest paid foal of 2022 is fed Saracen Horse Feeds. Let’s discover together the crown jewel of Watership Down and the secrets of its stable for making it the highest paid in the world.

The record-breaking sale

The record-breaking sale was recorded on the second auction day in October at Tattersalls.

The horse featured in the story is Frankel by Watership Down Stud, a descendant of So Mi Dar born in March 2022. The yearling was purchased by Sheihk Mohammed for an impressive £2,800,000, precisely the record for the current year. These record-breaking numbers certify the prosperity of the thoroughbred horse industry.

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Frankel’s Secret: Saracen Horse Feeds

In the growth and development of thoroughbred foals (and others), nutrition plays a key role. Not surprisingly, Frankel was bred on Saracen Horse Feeds and forages.

Harrison Horse Care knows very well how premium these products are; among our ranges we always proudly present the exclusive distribution of the Saracen Horse Feeds range, for healthy and complete horse nutrition.

Saracen Horse Feeds represents the best straight from the UK, with quality and sustainability serving equine welfare and, as evidenced by the record-setting foal Frankel, successfully meeting the sporting and breeding needs of all horses.

Years of experience and quality serving the most prestigious horses for innovative and dedicated nutrition.

What products are suitable for thoroughbreds?

Frankel, like all thoroughbreds, requires meticulously studied and dedicated care and feeding. Saracen Horse Feeds ‘ expert nutritionists offer specially formulated diets created with high-quality ingredients and supplements.

In addition, Saracen Horse Feeds works in collaboration with Kentucky Equine Research to get the best formulations and combinations to feed in the best way.

Specifically, let’s find out what products can be helpful in growing and promoting the development of thoroughbreds.

Competition Fit Mix

Competition Fit Mix is a micronized grain-based feed suitable for sport horses that have higher energy requirements. Provides fast-response energy, useful for equine athletes facing power and speed activities.

  • Gastric and Intestinal Wellness
    competition fit mix saracen

    Saracen Horse Feeds

    Competition Fit Mix

    Feeding Feeds Performance Range

  • Musculoskeletal Wellness
    re-leve cubes harrison horse care cover

    Saracen Horse Feeds

    Re-Leve Cubes

    Feeding Feeds Performance Range


Re-Leve Cubes

Re-Leve Cubes is a low-starch feed that is ideal for horses prone to ulcers and gastric problems. The live yeast in the mixture promotes digestion and digestive health, which is often at risk of inflammation in sport horses.

Alpha Chaff

Alfa Chaff is a 100% natural high-fiber forage, is rich in high-quality nutrients and is essential in the diet of thoroughbreds. Fiber has this great importance because it promotes the assimilation of all nutrients and promotes optimal physical condition.

  • General Wellness
    alfalfa chaff saracen

    Saracen Horse Feeds

    Alfalfa Chaff

    Feeding Forages


The RACING range is also available upon request, with specific feeds for racehorses (trotting or galloping), from breeding to track.

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