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Haygain hay nets are specially designed to withstand temperatures above 100°C, making them suitable for hay purification for all Haygain models.


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Product Description

Haynet horse hay nets from Haygain are made in the UK from very durable quality materials for a long-lasting product.

  • Ultra-durable
  • Anti-mold
  • Anti-splitting
  • Ammonia resistant
  • Resistant to temperatures above 100°C (compatible with Haygain hay Steamers)

Haynets allow your horse to eat hay slowly, aiding digestion as the horse chews longer, producing more saliva (also called “slow feeding” which simulates grazing).

Also, very importantly, hay wastage is reduced because the horse is able to catch less hay, the amount it needs to chew, and does not waste it by throwing it on the ground and then stepping on it.

The hay nets from Haygain are specially designed to withstand temperatures above 100°C, making them suitable for hay purification for all Haygain hay steamers models. Haynet are great for easily removing Steamed hay from Haygain units.

  • Netting and twine: Polyethylene
  • Ring: Nylon

Available sizes are:

  • Standard – 150 cm total diameter – about 7 kg capacity
  • Large – 185 cm total diameter – about 9 kg capacity

For both, the mesh size is 11.5 cm in diameter.

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hay nets for horses haynet
Haynet – Hay Nets for Horses