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At Harrison Horse Care you can find Saracen Horse Feeds’ range of horse feeds. The best English lines for better nutrition for your horse. 

Feed and forage with quality, zero-mile ingredients, properly balanced through experimentation and over 200 years of experience.

All serving the sporting, breeding and day-to-day management needs of horse owners.

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Saracen World

From the fields to the stable, the Saracen Horse Feeds team devotes its attention to the manufacturing process to provide the best products to feed your horses. With a heritage spanning more than 200 years, Saracen Horse Feeds’ values of trust, integrity and quality are combined with research and innovation to ensure a variety of products that meet the nutritional needs of the modern horse. Every horse has different dietary needs. Saracen’s nutritionists work with Harrison Horse Care to offer qualified nutritional advice to support and maintain your horse’s health and well-being. All, regardless of its life stage, race, temperament, metabolism, and intensity of activity.

Saracen Horse Feeds is based on clinically proven research to provide safe, innovative and specific nutrition. Saracen is the exclusive UK partner of Kentucky Equine Research, an independent equine research center based in the United States of America. In addition to the valuable contribution from the scientific point of view, this famous research center has helped create an entirely No-Doping range of horse feed.

Ingredients: the key

All key ingredients used by Saracen Horse Feeds are low in starches contain key nutrients such as protein, fiber, sugar and oil. Producing the best results will be the careful combination of all ingredients and formulation into mixtures appropriate to the intensity of the horse’s physical activity, life stage and development.

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Saracen Horse Feeds Range

With a tradition of more than 200 years, Saracen’s values are based on trust, integrity and quality combined with research for constant innovation to ensure that our range meets the increasingly specific nutritional needs of modern horses.

The Performance range has been formulated following the most innovative research in nutrition, in partnership with Kentucky Equine Research. KER is the world’s most prolific prestigious independent equine research center, committed to the advancement of breeding and athletic performance through the nutrition of your horse.

Formulations in the Conditioning range for maintenance have a high fiber and oil content to reduce starch dependence. They support optimal digestive health and help manage temperament while supporting your horse’s weight gain, optimal muscle tone, and line development.

The Leisure range is formulated to provide a slow and prolonged energy release from oil and highly digestible “super fiber” for your horse.

Saracen Horse Feeds’ Breeding Line is formulated to support young horses during growth and development. This line is also useful for providing appropriate nutrition to pregnant and lactating mares and breeding stallions. The feeds were developed through an exclusive equine nutrition partnership with Hallway Feeds, based in Lexington, Kentucky. Both Saracen and Hallway are brand partners of Kentucky Equine Research (KER), the world’s most prolific independent equine research center committed to advancing breeding and athletic performance through nutrition.

The Veteran line is formulated to best feed older horses, providing all the nutrients they need.

The Racing range was created specifically for competition horses, in collaboration with KER, the world’s most prolific independent equine research center. This prestigious body specializes in optimizing performance through nutrition.

The line of Complementary Balancers is formulated for horses and ponies that do not require a high requirement for “traditional” compound feeds that provide energy. Balancers offer flexibility, allowing concentrated amounts of low-consumption nutrients to be fed either as a single concentrate or as an addition to other feeds.

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Collaboration with Kentucky Equine Research

For 20 years, Saracen Horse Feeds and Kentucky Equine Research have worked together to integrate the latest research and ensure that each formulation meets the needs of the modern equine athlete at all stages of life, development, and activity. Kentucky Equine Research (KER) is the most prolific independent equine research center in the world, committed to the advancement of breeding and athletic performance through nutrition.

Saracen is the exclusive UK brand partner of Kentucky Equine Research, joining an international network of horse product manufacturers dedicated to the advancement of equine nutrition.
KER nutritionists work with incoming companies from six continents to formulate high-quality feeds that complement typical local forages through custom blends that, when fed with the appropriate forage and according to label directions, provide a balanced diet approved by Kentucky Equine Research.

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With a firm focus on the future and projects, we consider it our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and plan for a better future. Choosing our ranges also comes down to this: zero waste, sustainable development and green economy.


The plan is to continue developing the practices already in place, ensuring that raw materials are obtained in the most sustainable way possible, improving factory, warehouse and transportation efficiency, and ensuring that packaging is the least harmful to the environment. The goal is to pave the way to ensure that Saracen Shop Nowers can easily make the right choice when it comes to supporting the environment for a more sustainable future.


Paper bags are common in the equestrian feed industry. In 2014, Saracen chose to use a packaging supplier that shares a passion for the environment. The bags are manufactured in a facility powered by its own on-site solar panels, and the materials are 100 percent recyclable, including oil-resistant coatings. The goal is to make all of our product packaging recyclable.


With an eye to the future, one of Saracen’s priorities is to reduce its impact on the environment and plan for a better tomorrow. Five key areas have been invested in to improve environmental contribution: the ingredients used, the energy that powers the production site, waste management systems, lighting and packaging. Because the planet must be put first!

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Sourcing raw materials locally has always been a key factor in sourcing ingredients for Saracen products. Seventy percent of what is used in production comes from southeast England.

Group 18 Copy 6 100% RENEWABLE ENERGY

The energy used at the Saracen production site comes from 100 percent renewable sources, and is supplied by a company that has a zero-emission rating for renewable energy. Most of the energy comes from wind, while the rest is generated from solar, hydroelectric and biomass sources.

Group 18 Copy 6 LED LIGHTS.

The Saracen plant and warehouses are illuminated by LED lights. This type of lighting uses 75 percent less energy, and the bulbs last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. There are also many light panels in the roofs of the warehouses, which let in more natural light so as to rely less on artificial lighting. All lighting, both outside and in the office, is sensor-based, which means that lights are used only when necessary.


For nearly a decade, Saracen has used a waste management contractor with a zero-dump policy. All waste is turned into compost, pallet wrappers and straps are recycled, and all packaging sent to consumers with Saracen products complies with waste packaging regulations.



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