Performance Range

Discover Harrison Horse Care's Performance Range, an exclusive selection of feeds for sport horses and equine athletes. Specific nutrition is essential for horses engaged in sports and competitive activities. Our Performance Range is designed to meet the high metabolic demands of athlete horses, emphasizing sustainable energy intake, high-quality protein, and an optimal balance of vitamins and minerals.

Each feed in the Performance Range is the result of extensive research and is developed to enhance the stamina, strength and quick response of sport horses. We use innovative, premium ingredients, time-release energy sources, and omega-3-rich components to ensure peak performance and excellent physical condition.

Our Performance range includes nutritional solutions that promote maximum muscle efficiency and rapid post-exercise recovery, key elements for success in any equestrian discipline. Choosing the Performance Range means investing in your horse's well-being and athletic future, ensuring that it has the resources it needs to excel in every competition.



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