Cutting-edge solutions for those who consider horses part of their family.

Composed of well two generations of horse lovers, The Harrison Family considers its products a “collection”; the HHC range was born from personal selection of products used for decades by the Harrison Family, and developed with the sharing excellence of the world of horsecare with all horse lovers.


What makes us unique is the connection that goes beyond just the professional aspect. Each member of our team is considered an integral part of our extended family.
Ethical values, mutual trust and mutual support are fundamental to our corporate culture.
Our history is studded with challenges overcome together, successes celebrated in harmony, and difficult times faced with solidarity


Keith & Letizia Harrison

We are Keith and Letizia, in addition to being husband and wife, we are the founders of this growing business bearing the family name. We have always shared a love for animals and respect for their needs.

Animals have always been a part of our lives and especially horses. Harrison Horse Care was born out of a desire to bring innovation and improvement to the world of horse management through products and systems that show actual benefits to the physical, emotional and psychological health of horses.

Emily Harrison

Director & Office Manager

It’s Emily. I come from a family of entrepreneurs; starting with my maternal grandfather, passing through my parents and arriving at me who, together with my brother Edward, have the privilege of guiding Harrison Horse Care on its path of growth for the benefit of the market but most of all for the horses.

It all stems from our passion for animals and, in particular, horses. I was born and raised in a family where welfare comes first, and to have developed a business on this basis is, for me, a source of pride.

I am responsible for business administration and management and, for Harrison Horse Care, I am also responsible for what concerns image, corporate branding and public relations.

Edward Harrison

Director & Marketing Manager

Edward here. Through management skills and family roots in organization, I have helped Harrison Horse Care grow, inheriting and nurturing the values, dedication and passion that form the beating heart of the business.

Our management is based on an innovative approach, a young team, strong teamwork, and a focus on the digital world, which I deal with directly. Because of my passion, I have always embraced the latest techniques and technologies in digital marketing; from managing online advertising campaigns to optimizing social media channels, with a constant focus on new trends and successfully integrating tools to maximize the impact of our initiatives.

David Sardis

Business Development & Sales Manager

David here. I have been living horses and riding for more than 25 years. I have always experienced this world all round, on the show jumping and full competition fields, in the stable as an owner and stable manager, and every day with lifelong friends.

My university education and knowledge led me to be involved in some management and strategic aspects forHarrison Horse Care and, to date, I am involved in its development, through synergies and relationships with professionals in the field, and in the business sector, with collaborations with partner companies and discovery visits to those who choose us or will choose us.

Lorenzo Olgiati

Technical Sales

I am Lorenzo, a lifelong equestrian and veterinary enthusiast.
I have worked at the Hippodrome and in veterinary clinics, working alongside the best veterinarians in the field.
Through my undergraduate training, I specialized in athlete horse nutrition, and on the Harrison Horse Care team, I am involved in all-around sales and technical consulting.

Rely on the products Harrison Horse Care


Today this collection is available to you, to help you achieve your most important goal: Improve the quality of life for your Horses.

A range of unique, cutting-edge products with an indispensable ecological soul and unobtainable in the Italian market.

Live your love for your Horses with serenity at last, with the confidence that you have offered them what they deserve: the best.



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