Forager by Haygain

The slow-feeder that encourages a natural, slow feeding pace for a healthy, happy horse.

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What are the main advantages of Forager?

  • Encourages a natural feeding position that helps avoid digestive and metabolic disorders such as colic and ulcers.
  • Protects good musculoskeletal health by reducing stress on muscles and joints because the horse can eat in a straight downward motion.
  • Helps regulate and slow the pace of eating-smaller bites increase chewing and saliva flow, a natural buffer against acidity.
  • It keeps forage hygienically contained by preventing cross-contamination with litter, and prevents waste if you have a messy horse.

Did you know?

For optimal digestive health, forage intake must be constant.

Equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS) affects up to 63% of performance horses and 93% of racehorses in training.

When horses have access to hay at all times, they spend half the time in free-range movement, helping to decrease stable vices.

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What are the main features of the design?

  • Two interchangeable adjustment grids that allow you to choose between two levels of adjustment difficulty.
  • “EasyOn” click system of the regulator, which makes filling quick and easy.
  • Unique steel outer ring that prevents horses from bypassing or tipping the regulator.
  • Sturdy side slits designed to let in air and light.
  • Durable top ring with four rubber fasteners to ensure structural stability and absorb sound.
  • The whole base can be fixed to the wall or filled with sand to ensure maximum stability.
  • Fully collapsible to allow easy cleaning and portability.
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What do professional riders think about Forager?

Georgie Spence

Eventer 5*, Team GB

My new horse ‘Fanta Boy’ loves it and eats better from the feeder than from the ground! 
Also Halltown Harley, my 5* horse, loves his and uses him all the time: Forager helps him eat well and not waste hay by dragging him over the litter box! 

Hanna Biggs

International dressage rider 

Millie and Dutchie leave some hay at the bottom. But they used to do it anyway, which is why their stalls were always dirty and full of uneaten hay. Everything is much neater now!

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