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Kentucky Equine Research is a world-class equine nutrition research center and conducts its business in the service of veterinarians, horse owners, and the equestrian and equestrian world.

Its main goal is to invest in knowledge in the field of equine nutrition and exercise physiology and sports training of the horse.

This knowledge is applied in the study and formulation of supplements, supplements and feeds worldwide and thus supports veterinarians, industry technicians and horse owners. This service is carried out from a nutritional and sports perspective, and is aimed at improving health and performance.

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KER‘s experience and knowledge

Kentucky Equine Research makes its extensive scientific knowledge, innovation and experience available to the equestrian world by offering high-quality products for horses declined in the various ranges that respond to different activities and disciplines.

It is critical for owners, riders, and trainers that products are accompanied by consulting services and advice from knowledgeable professionals, and this is what KER responds to. Kentucky Equine Research’s expert nutritionists offer comprehensive consultations tailored to meet the individual needs of each horse and are in direct line with the Harrison Horse Care team to follow the Italian market as well.

The ideal partner for the most important equestrian competitions

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Horses are creatures of habit, especially when it comes to feeding and management. 
How do the people who directly manage them and travel the world with them maintain consistent feed, Forage, and water when they travel through different time zones and hemispheres?

Proper management, gradual changes, and consistency are key

As well as the best advice and products. When it comes to global equestrian competitions, Kentucky Equine Research is often a major player and works behind the scenes for the welfare and care of horses. Kentucky Equine Research has been managing the nutrition of horses participating in the most prestigious international equestrian competitions for more than 20 years.

Horse owners know that consistency is the key to feeding and managing horses properly, especially during trips and competitions. When competition programs take horses across national borders, health problems and import procedures make it difficult to maintain proper nutrition, close to that administered “at home.”

Kentucky Equine Research has historically aimed to help National Federations address these types of issues at events around the world. With a proven track record in equine nutrition, an extensive network in international logistics, and feed manufacturing partners on six continents, Kentucky Equine Research is the ideal partner to manage the nutrition of the athlete horse in major international equestrian competitions. Harrison Horse Care is fortunate to have access to this vast world of knowledge and support for managing the Italian market.

How can KER products help your horse?

KER supplements are formulated for all needs and for all types of horses and are divided into ranges based on activity. They contain high-quality, km 0 ingredients that are processed in a totally sustainable way.

Find out how KER supplements can be useful for different horse needs.

  • Digestive health
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • Sports performance
  • Rehabilitation
  • Breeding and development
  • Bone health
  • Nutrient assimilation
  • Physical condition

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Kentucky Equine Research’s range of signature supplements.

  • Gastric and Intestinal Wellness
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