Horse mash: health benefits

When it comes to the health of horses, proper nutrition and complete hydration and always play a key role. Horse mash contributes to equine welfare by supporting the horse in multiple situations. In this article we find out what horse mash is, in what cases it can be particularly useful, and what are the many benefits of a diet enriched with this food.

What is horse mash?

Horse mash is a type of feed to be given after adding water and enriching any equine diet with fiber and other nutritional properties. This complete feed is specially formulated to provide an optimal balance of essential nutrients, fiber, vitamins and minerals, which, with the addition of water, is a very important aid to the hydration and health of horses.

Horse mash is a concentrated food; this means that even a small amount, served a few times a week, can provide a wide range of benefits to the horse.

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When can it be useful?

Horse mash is an excellent support for hydration and, consequently, for overall health. However, it can help in certain cases and with specific needs.

Here are some examples:

  • Moderate or excessive sweating
  • Intense activity and training loads
  • Seasonal changes
  • Periods of stress
  • Hot weather and high temperatures
  • Laminite
  • Gastric and/or digestive system problems
  • Prevention of colic
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Health benefits of horse mash

Support of the digestive system

Horse mash is known for its contribution in maintaining a healthy digestive system. It encourages slow chewing and, thanks to its fiber-rich formulation, helps stabilize gastric pH, promoting proper nutrient assimilation. This reduces the risk of digestive problems such as the occurrence of colic and ulcers, contributing to the balance of intestinal flora and the overall well-being of the horse.

Energy support

Horses engaged in intense or moderate activities, such as those engaged in sports competitions or intense training, require higher energy and water intake. Horse mash is a concentrated source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, ideal for meeting the needs of all horses and promoting hydration. By providing digestible energy, the mash helps keep the horse fit and ready for any activity, while also promoting optimal recovery.

Strengthening the immune system

A strong immune system is critical for preventing disease and infection. With essential nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals, the mash supports the horse’s immune system. This makes the horse more resistant to disease and speeds up the healing process in case of injury.

Muscle development and maintenance

Training and maintaining healthy, strong muscles are vital aspects of horse care, especially for those involved in intense physical activities. Horse mash contains high-quality protein and amino acids, which are necessary for muscle growth and recovery. More importantly, by promoting the horse’s hydration, the mash helps him develop proper muscles and maintain optimal fitness.


Mash is a low-sugar, low-starch food and promotes hydration, both of which are key factors in preventing laminitis.

Saracen Re-Covery Mash

Among the Saracen Horse Feeds lines you can find Re-Covery Mash: the horse mash specially formulated with selected, high-quality ingredients to maximize the health benefits for horses.

Re-Covery Mash is a powerful nutrient blend, rich in Vitamin E, electrolytes and live yeast, ideal for promoting the horse’s overall health and well-being.

Should digestive, energy or immune support be needed, Re-Covery Mash offers a complete and balanced solution.

Ready in 5 minutes with cold water and in 10 minutes with hot water, it can also be used daily without unbalancing diets nutritionally. The final consistency can be changed with each preparation and depending on how much water you decide to add; from a softened but still consistent pellet to a liquid mixture with an inviting aroma.

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Its distinctive banana flavor satisfies even the most discerning palates and is a good solution for taking medications or supplements.

Also, crucially, it contributes to the hydration of horses; on average, the amount that should be taken is between 20 and 55 liters of water depending on their weight and their activity and living conditions.


  • Musculoskeletal Wellness
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    Feeding Mash


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