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Forager byHaygainis the hay regulatorslow-feeding” which encourages natural nutrition for a physically and mentally healthy and happy horse. The Forager simulates the horse’s natural feeding behavior, which should be slow but steady design ensures forage intake in small portions.

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Product Description

Haygain’s Forager is the slow-feeder that encourages natural feeding, for a healthy, happy horse. The Forager is designed to simulate the horse’s natural feeding behavior, which must be slow but steady. The design ensures forage intake in small portions; this brings many benefits to the physical and mental health of horses that spend long periods in stalls.

  • Two interchangeable adjustment grids that allow you to choose between two levels of adjustment difficulty-white (Easy) or green (Standard).
  • “EasyOn” regulator click system, which makes filling Forager quick and easy.
  • The metal ring prevents horses from bypassing or tipping the regulator. It also acts as an indicator so you can easily see from a distance how much forage remains in the feeder.
  • The sturdy top ring with four rubber fasteners ensures structural stability and absorbs sound.
  • The “slit” sides are designed to let in both air and light-this ensures that horses are happy to feed all the way to the bottom, as well as allowing air to circulate freely in the forage. This unique feature ensures very limited hay waste and a consistently hygienic feeder.
  • The entire base can be filled with sand to ensure maximum stability, and if necessary, the unit can be fixed to the wall with the built-in fixing points.
  • Fully collapsible to allow easy cleaning and portability.
  • Colors and sizes specially chosen to satisfy even the most demanding horses.
  • Helps digestive health-optimal digestive health requires a steady supply of forage, which not only protects the stomach but also promotes continuous fermentation, maintaining back bowel function and preventing the risk of colic.
  • Promotes salivation-Constant chewing of small portions of forage keeps saliva flow high, which is critical for stomach and digestion.
  • Helps reduce the risk of stomach ulcers-a steady supply of forage creates a protective mat in the stomach that prevents stomach acid from splashing onto the sensitive upper region
  • Relieves boredom and related boxing vices-slow feeding helps combat boxing boredom, discomfort, and vices such as overkill and kicking.
  • Weight Management – Forager provides 24/7 access to forage while preventing horses from overeating or gorging. Ideal for horses that are overweight or prone to laminitis.
  • Eliminates the need for hay nets-Hay nets are known to put a strain on horses’ musculoskeletal systems.
  • Ensures a clean supply of forage without waste-avoids cross-contamination of forage and bedding. This leads to saving time and money on manure cleaning and hay waste.
  • Easy to use, easy to fill, easy to clean. It can be packed flat for transportation.

– Weight: 13.5 kg

– Dimensions: 700mm diameter x 720mm height

– Contains up to 15 kg of hay

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 70 × 70 × 72 cm

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