Is your horse a picky eater? Feed it with steamed hay!

Four research results and numerous feedbacks from our customers speak for themselves: horses love to eat steamed hay. In this article we will examine in detail these independent studies and the opinions of customers who can no longer do without steamed hay.

Becky James, Commercial Director

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Moore-Colyer and Payne, The Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, England

The Royal Agricultural University studied the palatability and ingestion behavior of polo ponies when fed dry, soaked or syeamed hay with Haygain. They found that steamed hay, once tasted, was always the first to be consumed, and that although some of the ponies gnawed on the dry hay, they quickly returned to the Steamed hay until they ran out of it, and then returned to the dry hay rather than the soaked hay.

Brown and co-researchers from Writtle College, England

Writtle College conducted a comparative study of different types of hay to determine which forage was the preferred choice for horses in the stable. Seven horses were simultaneously offered 3 rations of dry hay, hay-silo, and steamed hay with Haygain HG600. Intake was determined by the difference in weight of hay nets after a 60-minute feeding period.

Statistical analysis revealed that steamed hay was the first forage to be consumed, followed by hay-silo and dry hay, and Steamed hay was consumed the most during the feeding period. The researchers concluded that the steamed hay was not only hygienically clean, but also a palatable for horses in the stable. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STUDY

Kentucky Equine Research

Kentucky Equine Research conducted a 12-week full feeding trial and palatability evaluation on three thoroughbreds; they studied voluntary intake, chewing rate, and digestibility of dry, soaked, and steamed hay. Their results agreed with those described above: when given a choice, registered horses voluntarily consumed more steamed hay than dry or soaked hay.

Tiana Owens, graduate of the University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

Tiana Owens, a graduate student at the University of Guelph, conducted research on soaked and steamed hay, along with co-researchers Madeline Barnes, Vanessa Gargano, Wilfredo D. Mansilla, Katrina Merkies and Anna K. Shoveller.

The results show that “horses preferred to eat steamed or dry hay over soaked hay, supporting that purification of hay by steam is a superior method of hay treatment for performance horses. These results, combined with the loss of nutrients caused by soaking hay, should prompt performance horse owners to consider steaming hay to maintain its nutritional integrity.” CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

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Steamed hay is used by veterinarians for hospitalized and recovering post-operative horses

“We have been using a Haygain hay steamer in Oakham Veterinary Hospital since February 2010. We administer steamed hay to all our patients in post-operative recovery, allergy sufferers, and those who are reluctant to eat. Steamed hay is dust-free, more palatable, and has a higher moisture content without loss of nutritional value. In addition, our nursing staff and grooms find the Haygain steamer clean and easy to use.”

Oakham Veterinary Hospital, Leicestershire, England

“For patients with colic and in postoperative recovery, we used steamed hay with Haygain to entice horses to consume more roughage. The fresh aroma of steamed hay seems to increase the appetite of many horses after surgery.”

Nathan Slovis, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM, CHT, Director of the McGee Critical Care and Medical Center at the Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington

What owners of “picky” eaters say.

“Haygain is robust, easy to use and very efficient. The hay is palatable and retains its quality, so we don’t need to feed as much hard feed. Fussy eaters enjoy Steamed hay much more than soaked hay.”

Vanessa Briggs, Worcestershire, England

“We had a mare who was sensitive and very picky about her hay; this became a real problem especially during European away rides because it was critical that she not lose condition. The smell of steamed hay encouraged her to eat it both at home and away; Haygain became a useful tool to make sure she always ate her hay.”

Tom Reilly, Showjumper

“Haygain is great for my pickier horses because it smells delicious! They go right away and eat it and finish it right away.”

Katie Jerram, Champions show horse producer, UK

“Since I’ve been using Haygain, my horses’ airways are clean, and waste is minimal; even the fussiest horses eat steamed hay. Haygain is a good investment; it saves on veterinary fees, so it pays for itself quickly.”

Andrew Boxhall, national hunting coach, Mid-Glamorgan

“Great customer service and really great equipment. They are a worthwhile investment. My half-breed had started coughing even while he was resting, and he hated soaked hay. My vet gave me 2 options: ventipulmin or Haygain. I opted for HG One, and I am glad I did! Both the cough and the discharge from his nose went away in just 2 days, and his appetite for hay increased tenfold. After less than a year, I decided to purchase a Haygain 600 as well, so I could feed both my horses steamed hay. Again, great customer service and another simple, effective, and easy-to-use and effective item.”

Zoe Norton

“During the competition season, I struggled to get Arthur to maintain his weight and appetite. Thanks to the steamed hay, Arthur has blossomed; if he used to be very picky and picky, he now dives into his hay. The welfare of my horses is paramount, and the delicate balance between long-term welfare and maintaining performance is a major concern of mine. With Haygain, I have the confidence that my horses are getting the cleanest forage possible, ensuring their respiratory health and the nutritional value of the hay.”

Allison Springer, International Event Rider
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