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Haygain 2000 is the ideal hay steamer model for large stables, capable of steaming a whole bale of hay or up to 35-40 kg of haylage per cycle. This robust, high-capacity model ensures top-quality steamed hay, ideal for groups of horses. Haygain is the only scientifically proven method for hay and haylage steaming.

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Product Description

Haygain is the only scientifically proven method for hay and haylage steaming. This system elevates forage hygiene standards, reducing the threat of breathable dust, mold spores, and pathogens. The result is a steamed hay that is clean, healthy, highly palatable, and nutrient-rich.

Haygain 2000 features a steam generator and an insulated, wheeled chest with a handle for easy movement. Designed to feed 4 or more horses, it can accommodate a whole bale of hay or up to 35-40kg of haylage. Haygain incorporates a patented spike manifold system, effectively introducing steam into the forage through a high-specification steam generator.

The thermal efficiency of the container retains steam volume and high temperature (above 100°C), ensuring the elimination of airborne particles, fungal spores, bacteria, and mites.

The aluminum plates act as a base for the spike points, accumulating heat beneath the bale to increase the temperature inside the hay chest, enhancing process efficiency. The perforated spikes drive steam from the hay’s center outward, ensuring complete steam absorption. This guarantees cleaner, more palatable forage with high nutritional value.

The 2.75 kW steam generator (with an 8-liter capacity) features a stainless steel boiler body with a domed lid for optimal steam flow and consistent delivery. Haygain HG 2000 is equipped with thermal safety protection, an alarm, and a warning light. The integrated balanced handle allows easy rinsing of the unit, while the filler neck position, with its brass safety cap, prevents overfilling.

Find out the Benefits


– Reduces respirable dust in hay and hay-silo by up to 99%;

– Kills mold, bacteria, fungal spores and dust mites;

– It increases palatability and reduces waste;

– Improves respiratory health for all horses, helps stop coughing;

– It helps prevent respiratory diseases;

– It is ideal for picky eaters;

– It is suitable for horses that are laminitic, at risk of colic and in postoperative recovery;

– It is easy to use for everyday use, even in busy courtyards;

– It increases the shelf life of hay-silo by up to four days;

– It is scientifically tested, with published research.

Supplied with:
– Watering can
– Descaling agent
– Filling funnel

Useful to know:
– All fittings and fasteners are made of brass or stainless steel, so they will not corrode.
– Weather-resistant and UV-protected
– Patent title: Apparatus and method of steam treatment of Forage (official numbers 2454969 and 2477874).
– Made in the United Kingdom

  • Weight: 75 kg (combined weight of hay container and steam generator)
  • Dimensions : W x 1449mm D x 815mm H x 750mm
  • Ideal for 4+ horses
  • Capacity for 30 kg of netted or loose hay
  • Steaming cycle from cold about 60 minutes, 2.75kW steam generator with 8 liter capacity

The number of horses that Haygain HG 2000 can feed is a rough indication based only on portion size, hay compaction, bale size and number of daily steam cycles.

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