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Nano-E® is a natural vitamin supplement suitable for performance and breeding horses. It prevents muscle problems due to its antioxidant function, supports the immune system, and helps stallions and mares in fertility period.

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Product Description

Nano-E® – The New Natural Source of Vitamins

Studies by Kentucky Equine Research have shown that the type and source of vitamin E make a difference for horses.

Nano-E® is a new natural source of vitamin E that offers benefits to all horses through rapid absorption rates and enhanced bioavailability.

The Benefits of Nano-E®

For mares, the addition of vitamin E in the last 30 days of pregnancy improves the vitamin (E) status of the mare and her foal. Colostrum quality also improved with higher antibody levels when supplemented in the suggested doses.

Broodmare fertility is also a consideration for vitamin E supplementation, particularly for broodmares covered early in the season when natural vitamin E contribution to pasture is lowest. This is especially important for mares with reduced uterine defense mechanisms and may also benefit mares with a history of placental dysfunction.

The stallion ‘s fertility also benefits from specific vitamin E supplementation. Both libido and semen quality are related to vitamin E. The use of Nano-E® during the stud season is recommended for all stallions, especially those with fertility problems such asasthenospermia.

For performance horses and racehorses Nano-E® is recommended during periods of increased training or stress and can be used to prepare the body before competition or racing. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant with well-documented benefits on muscle function and reduction of muscle tissue damage.


  • Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) 250 iu/ml
  • Natural source of vitamin E with proven bioavailability growth.
  • Effectiveness and speed. Provides maximum antioxidant protection.
  • Even a low dosage provides a high supply of natural vitamin E.
  • KER formulation also suitable for injection as needed.
  • Performance and race horses
  • Mares and stallions
  • Foals and youngstock
  • Horses undergoing rehabilitation and recovery from illness or injury
  • Ponies that require a diet with low levels of sugars and starches

4 to 8 ml (1000 to 2000 IU) daily as maintenance for horses in stables or on poor pastures.
12ml (3000 IU) daily, for horses in training, lactating mares, stallions and newborn foals.
Pre-load 12 to 20 ml (3000 to 5000 IU) daily, before competition or running.

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