Rising horse hay prices: Discover Harrison Horse Care’s solution

Horse hay prices on the rise? Rising costs of running your horse? Harrison Horse Care has the right solution to save you money: discover our team’s valuable advice.

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How much does hay cost?

The price of hay has been steadily rising, and in 2022 it reached a very high level, never reached before. According to the latest surveys for September 2022, the price of irrigated meadow maggengo hay touched €300.00 per ton.

horse hay prices rising advice from hhc

Rising horse hay costs: advice from HHC

For all horse owners and lovers, this price increase is definitely significant and, perhaps, never seen before. In order to deal with this and all other price increases in this period of worldwide inflation, it is wise to take precautions.

Avoiding waste and learning how to better manage hay will be key in this fight against price hikes. Learn about the solutions and tips the Harrison Horse Care team recommends for reducing waste and managing resources wisely, while always keeping your horse’s well-being first.

Forager helps you not to waste hay

Forager, the slow-feeder with great health benefits for your horse, helps you avoid wasting hay that is usually lost in large quantities in the bedding or on the ground and ends up being trampled and thrown away.

Usually the use of hay nets results in great waste, in paddocks and stalls, as horses shake them to be able to feed.

The ground feeder keeps the hay separate from the bedding and soil and allows your horse to eat in a correct and natural position, with longer chewing times because of the adjustment grid, promotes digestion and avoids boredom.

Many benefits in one product, many positive features with one purpose, which is your horse’s health.

  • Gastric and Intestinal Wellness
    haygain forager horse feeder cover


    Haygain Forager

    Feeders Stable and Paddock


Haygain improves the quality of all types of hay

Haygain hay purifier has important benefits on your horse’s respiratory system and overall health. Steamed hay is much more hydrated than normal hay, and its nutritional properties are enhanced through the purification cycle.

Instead of Shop Nowing silage products, dusted hay, and treated products, one can continue to use the hay available in the stable for all horses.

In addition, the Haygain purifier can prove a great ally in the battle against waste: by purifying even the least quality hay for negative characteristics related to dust or harmful respirable particles, you can use it without having unpleasant consequences on your horse’s health. The Haygain purifier, in fact, kills 99.99 percent of the molds and bacteria in hay.

Given the difficulty in obtaining hay in this historical period it may happen that lots, bales and bale are not of the quality we are used to; by purifying hay with Haygain we will reduce the risks to our horse’s health and feed him with a quality raw material.

  • Respiratory Wellness
    haygain 2000 purificatore fieno shop harrison horse care


    Haygain 2000

    Stable and Paddock Steamers

  • Respiratory Wellness
    haygain 600


    Haygain 600

    Stable and Paddock Steamers

  • Respiratory Wellness
    haygain one harrison horse care cover


    Haygain One

    Stable and Paddock Steamers

  • Gastric and Intestinal Wellness
    high fiber-light caff harrison horse care cover

    Saracen Horse Feeds

    High Fibre-Light Chaff

    Feeding Forages


Use forage as a partial substitute for hay

To use hay more sparingly or find a partial alternative, it may be useful to supplement the horse’s diet with quality forage that is increasingly being used in most diets. Besides saving hay, forage has great benefits on your horse’s nutrition.

Forages are fiber-rich foods and provide high-quality nutrients that are easily assimilated and digested. They also function as a natural buffer to prevent excess acidity and other diseases of the digestive system.

High Fibre Light Chaff, for example, is a completely hay replacement line because it is lighter than other forages and simpler in formulation.

Our forages are longer fiber than others, are fully dusted and ready to use. They are also not pressed foods during production; this process can bring moisture and fermentation and related problems to the digestive system. Given the rapid inflation of hay prices, incorporating high-fiber forages into your horse’s diet can provide benefits on several levels: cost savings, dietary supplementation and health benefits.

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